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Yearbooks are a great source of information for genealogy researchers, as well as for people that are interested in the history of education, social life and customs, graphic design, and local history. Photographs of individual students, administrators, and faculty members and information about student clubs and achievements provide researchers a look into the lives of local people as individuals and as a group.
The student drawings and other design components show us the aesthetics of the period during which they were created. Yearbooks also offer valuable information about local businesses through the advertisements printed in them.

A complete list of our collection of yearbooks can be found here (updated September 2013). Our yearbook collection is slowly growing! We're always looking for more yearbooks from Schenectady County public and private schools, from elementary school through college. Please contact the Librarian, Melissa Tacke, by phone at 518-374-0263, option 3, or by email at, if you are interested in donating yearbooks.

Below are just a few images from yearbooks in our collection.

Central Park Intermediate School yearbook Scrip, January 1925.
The school also published a literary magazine of the same name.
Photograph of the girls' basketball team at Woestina High School in Rotterdam Junction from The Woestinian, 1931.

The Japanese theme of the June 1917 Schenectady High School yearbook (SHUCIS)
differs from the standard cover for other years of the era; covers usually featured a simple
design and image of the school seal. SHUCIS was also the school literary magazine.

Advertisements from the Schenectady Savings Bank, Walker's Pharmacy, Tilly, and the Alling
Rubber Company from the 1911 Schenectady High School SHUCIS. Both the literary magazine
and the yearbook contain several pages of advertisements.
Whimsical drawings related to students at Schenectady Vocational High School printed in The Anvo, 1938.
These drawings, attributed to "JL," were drawn by James Lemmie, a student in the commercial art course of the school.
Photograph of the editorial staff of the 1905 SHUCIS.

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