Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Place Like Home: Schenectady County Residential Postcards

Postcard of Crane Street in the Mont Pleasant neighborhood in Schenectady. From the Larry Hart Collection. 

There are a number of categories in our postcard collection, from local organizations and schools, to images of fires and floods, to aerial and scenic views. Many times when we think of postcards of our local area, the first images that come to mind are bustling downtown scenes, public buildings and institutions, and perhaps views of the homes of locally significant people. We don't always think of a view of the neighborhoods of everyday people, but there are dozens of postcards in our collections that show just that. These postcards give a sense of neighborhoods and communities of times gone by, and many are fairly bursting with civic pride. Here are just a few of them to enjoy.

Panoramic postcard of Lincoln Heights municipal housing. From Larry Hart Collection. 

View of Quaker Street / Delanson areas. From Grems-Doolittle Library Postcard Collection. 

Photo postcard of the corner of McClellan Street and Eastern Parkway. From Larry Hart Collection. 

A house peeks through the trees in this view of Lenox and Avon Roads in Schenectady. From  Larry Hart Collection. 

Photo postcard of Putman Street in Rotterdam Junction. From Larry Hart Collection. 

Four houses face out onto Hattie Place as four ladies stroll by. From Grems-Doolittle Library Postcard Collection. 

The trolley tracks are quiet on upper State Street near Linden Street in Schenectady. From Larry Hart Collection. 

Aerial view of Schonowee Village public housing in Schenectady. From Larry Hart Collection. 

Corner of Ruby Road and Stratford Road in the GE Realty Plot. From Grems-Doolittle Library Postcard Collection. 

This view of Nott Terrace places the viewer on the sidewalk, taking a pleasant stroll along the street. From  Grems-Doolittle Library Postcard Collection. 

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  1. Loving the horse trough in the middle of Crane Street!