Thursday, July 17, 2014

Schenectady After Dark

The hustle and bustle of nightlife in Schenectady's downtown can be seen in this 1957 color picture postcard. Image from Grems-Doolittle Library Postcard Collection. 

As the city that lit and hauled the world, Schenectady showed off its lights -- streetlamps and neon -- for the world to see. These nighttime images of Schenectady's downtown from the turn of the last century to the 1950s capture the city at both its bustling and quiet moments.  

Interested in learning more about Schenectady County's past in photographs? Visit our Library or contact our Librarian.

State Street gleams in this image taken around the turn of the century. The numerous flags and banners visible in the photograph suggest the image was taken around Memorial Day or Independence Day. Image from Grems-Doolittle Library Photograph Collection. 

This 1954 view shows Jay Street looking toward the intersection with State Street. This section of Jay Street is now a pedestrian area. Image from Larry Hart Collection. 

The darkened street highlights the Carl Company window display on State Street in this photograph taken during the 1920s. Image from Grems-Doolittle Library Photograph Collection.  

This 1909 view of lower State Street was taken to show the newly-installed G-I Flame Arc Lamps made by the General Electric Company. Image from Grems-Doolittle Photograph Collection. 

In this photo of the newly-completed City Hall building on Jay Street in 1931, the moon, clock, and streetlights compete to shine brightest. Image from Larry Hart Collection. 

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