Friday, March 25, 2011

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad provides an interesting and sometimes mysterious part of the history of the United States, which as interested adults and children of all ages for generations. The story of the Underground Railroad includes stories of compassion, daring, and lawbreaking in a period of American history fraught with conflict and tension.
On April  8-10 the Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region is hosting its 10th conference, entitled “Abolishing Slavery in the Atlantic World: the ‘Underground Railroad’ in the Americas, Africa and Europe and its relationship with us today.” The conference will be held at Russell Sage, in Troy NY and you should go to for more information and registration.
However, the URHPCR conference is only one way for you to learn more. Here at the Schenectady Historical society we also have material on the Underground Railroad relating to both the city and County of Schenectady, including newspaper articles, original documents, maps and several books dedicated to the topic.
If you or your child is interested in the Underground Railroad, stop by the Schenectady County Historical Society and learn more.

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